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and there comes a time when you have to step back and say hey, what day is it and when do we eat?

Well got damn. Taylor is grounded because his mom got his password and looked through alllll his aim convos, allllll his emails, and alllll his livejournal. its like fucking deja vu. the same shit happend to jason no more than a week ago. wtf is up with everyones mom wanting to invade privacy? and then they get pissed off beacause they talk crap about them and its like well hey, dont read my shit. when my mom ripped open my locked journal and read through most of my life i just laughed because its her fault she knows why im crazy.

i got my hair cut today. not really cut, more like evened{sp?} out. then i got a magazine and got hit on at the grocery store even though i look like crap. i mean honestly, what do i have to do for old gross guys to stop staring at me? wear a paper bag over my head? at the gas station the other day this guy comes up to me while im on the pay phone and he says to me..."I'm not trying to hit on you or anything but do you need a ride?" and then he winked at me. i mean wtf do i look like a prostitute that much? i thought i dressed conservitive.

i should go do homework or something so i pass this year.
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