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I quit!

Well. I woke up this morning at 5 30. got online. talked to jason on aim. and asked if i should goto school. he said no, fuck school. thus. i am at home right now. With reason though. Ive been really sick for the past week.

So I go back to bed around 6 and my mom comes up stairs at 7 I say Im not going to school and she says something about how she was gonna ask if I wanted to stay home anyways since I had slept in. I think I woke up around 10. then I took 4 asprin, drank half a bottle of cough medicine, and took a bag full of cough drops outside. Then I got NAKED and sat in the hot tub for about an hour.

I think I was fucked up because when I went under water and shut my eyes I could hear all these weird noises and I saw light patterns in my eyelids. Then I just thought about alot of things. Mainly about taylor and his whole moving situation and how I would have felt different if we hadnt of broken up a week prior to finding out. Then I went back inside and ate oatmeal and watched pitch black.

ummm then my dad called and we talked for like an hour. he said he should be sending my johnny depp poster soon. he also said he might be moving here ^_^ he talked to my grandparents and they said go ahead {because my dads nice and cares about his mom and dad in their old age even though hes adopted}

My tummy hurts. I looked in the mirror today and my stomach looks good. maybe all those exercises in dance payed off.
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