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[27 Sep 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | oh snap! ]

Hey this is jessicka, I'm using a friends journal for a few days till I get my own. kthxbye

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[27 Sep 2003|08:41am]
[ mood | groggy ]

two shows i am definatly going to.

cursive at nitas hideaway
DAVID BOWIE at i dont know where but tickets go on sale next friday!
billy idol was 2 nights ago and i didnt even fucking know!! my debate teacher and his wife went!

now enough about that. onto my weird as crazy ass dream.

i was in a room with my ex tony, this guy from one of my classes josh, another guy and another girl that i didnt know. so i walk up to josh and grab his hand and take him into the hall way where people are walking past and i kiss him. and i go to kiss him again and he turns away. he sees that i am hurt by that and i go to kiss him again and he leaves me. then i walk back in the room, grab tony this time, and take him into another room. we start kissing and then i cant stop thinking about josh and i leave the room. then i go and start kissing the girl i dont even know! blah. then im at some gas station with my sister and she get lost or something and yea. it was just a weird ass dream.

i think i need to get some. i havent for a week. which shouldnt be that long for me but it is considering i saw taylor every day for like a long time... haha thats sad.

then i woke up with this song stuck in my head. probably because i listened to it over and over again till 12 am last night. i need to get the cd. like. asap. to bad im broke.

i saw someone on ftj that i know. and yea. dont feel like saying much more about that!

im supposed to go off roading today. i dont know if i will. maybe though. theres like 586329 billion hot guys there ;) gotta love hot guys. plus i can drive my moms jeep around and freak her out because she hates driving with me. she wont even goto the store or blockbuster with me if i drive. but kevin. he knows im a safe driver. and got damn, my grandma lets me drive her porsche for gods sake and she trusts me! but oh well.


then id have money. and then i could go buy this damn cd! and tickets to the concerts! and new shoes!

i dont know where though....maybe ulta. thatd be cool.

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[26 Sep 2003|10:54pm]

liar liar liar Collapse )
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[26 Sep 2003|09:10pm]
if someone bought this for me i would shit a brick;_ylt=AkN3hycPIUfhgjZVtl7Zb0EbFt0A?__yltc=s:14489115,d:14489115,sec:sr,slk:title

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[25 Sep 2003|08:58am]
*yawn* wow i am bored. im in the library researching some report. but got damn, im in no mood to work. i feel too dressy. god i have dance after this and i really dont want to go. not that i dont like it. its just mrs.buren has a problem with me. and i dont feel like dealing with her shit. blahhh yesterday was awful. i found out someone was lying to me, well, i mean i knew they were lying to me a long time ago, but i just found out more shit yesterday that really upset me. then i called taylor and i guess his mom came to his school all pissy saying her ran away but he didnt, she kicked him out and what not. so i guess hes grounded until he can show her he can live on his own. blar. anyways. i think its time to get off because i am tired and im about to just go home and sleep. mmm spaghettio
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smile empty soul is a really good band [23 Sep 2003|08:48pm]
god i miss brandon :(
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[23 Sep 2003|05:59pm]
Yes or No--
1. Nirvana- i guess
2. Sublime- yea
3. Depeche Mode- yea
4. Linkin Park- it depends. kinda no though
5. No Doubt- their old stuff rocks
6. Rage Against the Machine- no
7. U2- no
8. Green Day- Yup
9. Beastie Boys- their old stuff
10. Red Hot Chili Peppes- their old stuff
11. Blink-182- their old stuff
12. System of a Down- no
13. The Smashing Pumpkins- YES!!!!!
14. Korn- YESSSS
15. Bob MarleY- the music is ok but i like the messages his songs give
16. Metallica- the older stuff
17. The Offspring- Yus
18. The Cure- yes
19. Incubus- their ok
20. Stone Temple Pilots- Yeah
21. Pearl Jam- yea
22. Tool- YES
23. Radiohead- no
24. 311- no
25. Nine Inch Nails- Yes!
26. Weezer- kinda
27. Social Distortion- Yea
28. The Smiths/Morrissey- haha no
29. Jane's Addiction- their ok
30. Oingo Boingo- no
31. Alice In Chains- tea
32. Limp Bizkit- no
33. The Clash- yes
34. Dave Matthews Band- no
35. Creed- no
36. The Ramones- yea
37. Staind- ehh yea
38. R.E.M.-Yes
39. Bush- Yes
40. Bad Religion- Yup
41. Foo Fighters- uh huh
42. New Order- yes
43. Soundgarden- Yes
44. Garbage- yes
45. Pennywise- i guess
46. Violent Femmes- hah yea
47. Rob Zombie/White Zombie- Yessss
48. David Bowie- YESSS!!!! <3
49. Godsmack- nah
50. Duran Duran- haha yea
51. P.O.D.- no
52. Coldplay- no
53. Beck- no
54. Eminem- no
55. Deftones- yup
56. Cypress Hill- no
57. Oasis- no
58. Jimmy Eat World- eh
59. Tori Amos- yea
60. Moby- yes
61. The Pixies- no
62. Blondie- no
63. Live- the old stuff
64. Hole- yes
65. Rancid- yes
66. Fatboy Slim- no
67. Siouxsie and the Banshees- yes
68. Marilyn Manson- yes
69. Save Ferris- no
70. The Sex Pistols- yes
71. Disturbed- ehh
72. Billy Idol- YES
73. The Strokes- eh
74. The Police- no
75. Primus- yea haha
76. The Go-Go's- yes
77. Everclear- no
78. Bjork- yes
79. Dramarama- no
80. Prodigy- YES
81. The Cult- yes
82. Cake- no
83. MxPx- no
84. Third Eye Blind- haha no
85. Sum 41- no
86. Travis- no
87. Papa Roach- no
88. Devo- no
89. A Perfect Circle- yes
90. New Found Glory- no
91. The Cranberries- yes
92. Lit- yes
93. The B-52's- YES
94. Puddle of Mudd - a couple songs
95. Blur- yes!!!
96. Unwritten Law- yes
97. Pet Shop Boys- no
98. Hoobastank- a couple songs
99. X- no
100. Lenny Kravitz- yea
101. Adema- no
102. Echo & the Bunnymen- yes
103. Kid Rock- haha yea sure gotta love bob
104. INXS- eh
105. Everlast/House of Pain- no
106. Faith No More- no
107. Ozzy Osbourne- yes
108. Dashboard Confessional- no
109. Slipknot- no!

now for the ones they forgot
ikonoklast- yes!
blessedbethyname- yes!
abhorrent morality- yes!
arm the homeless- yes!
jack off jill- yes!
mindless self indulgence- yes!
dimmu borgir- yes!
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[23 Sep 2003|02:17pm]
god damn i forgot how awesome korn was. they rocked ass at ozzfest. john davis is alot hotter in real life
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[21 Sep 2003|07:09pm]

and all this other shit Collapse )
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and there comes a time when you have to step back and say hey, what day is it and when do we eat? [21 Sep 2003|04:14pm]
[ mood | numb ]

Well got damn. Taylor is grounded because his mom got his password and looked through alllll his aim convos, allllll his emails, and alllll his livejournal. its like fucking deja vu. the same shit happend to jason no more than a week ago. wtf is up with everyones mom wanting to invade privacy? and then they get pissed off beacause they talk crap about them and its like well hey, dont read my shit. when my mom ripped open my locked journal and read through most of my life i just laughed because its her fault she knows why im crazy.

i got my hair cut today. not really cut, more like evened{sp?} out. then i got a magazine and got hit on at the grocery store even though i look like crap. i mean honestly, what do i have to do for old gross guys to stop staring at me? wear a paper bag over my head? at the gas station the other day this guy comes up to me while im on the pay phone and he says to me..."I'm not trying to hit on you or anything but do you need a ride?" and then he winked at me. i mean wtf do i look like a prostitute that much? i thought i dressed conservitive.

i should go do homework or something so i pass this year.

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[18 Sep 2003|08:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So. For the upcoming 2 week break. were either going to rent another beach house in mexico. or go camping. Id much rather goto mexico. Even though I hate the cities there, Its awesome to lay around on the beach. Thats all I didnt last summer when we went. That and eat food. And draw a little bit. It was so relaxing though. No TV No cars No loud neighbors. It was almost heaven. If only it was air conditioned ^_^

Today when taylor picked me up from school. He asked if I was still up with our Doozer tattoo plan. If you dont know what that is then you must not read my lj. But to sum it up, tay and I have a passion for fraggle rock, and a few months ago I found a really cute picture of a doozer online, then I told taylor I would so get a tattoo of that, then he got jealous and said only if we got them together. So I guess he knows a guy who will tattoo people for cheap and without being of legal age. I guess he does good work because he did tays friend Alea and tay says it looks awesome. Ive always wanted tattoos but I dont know, now that I really have the option, its alot different. Im not scared or anything but the fact that it is permanent kinda gets to me, But we'll see.

Last night sucked ass juice. But I got online and talked to andrew about it. and him being the rockin guy he is, talked to me for many hours, until it was around 3 a.m his time { and yes he has school} but anywho. So I ranted to him but only because he insisted I get my feelings out. He then proceeded to give me some of the best advice ever. Then he asked me to try something out, he said for today and tommorow I should try to look at the good side of everything that happens. And so far I have. and you know what? I've had a damn good day.

My body hates me right now and my hands hurt for reasons that will not be said here *coughcough*

ps. this morning in the hall before class. justin asked us all why helen keller didnt drive. the answer?

"because shes a woman!"

jason and I died laughing while most of the other people didnt even understand it.

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[18 Sep 2003|07:01pm]
some one said i looked like Jordan aka Katie Price. Some supermodel

what are your thoughts?
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I quit! [17 Sep 2003|12:51pm]
[ mood | full ]

Well. I woke up this morning at 5 30. got online. talked to jason on aim. and asked if i should goto school. he said no, fuck school. thus. i am at home right now. With reason though. Ive been really sick for the past week.

So I go back to bed around 6 and my mom comes up stairs at 7 I say Im not going to school and she says something about how she was gonna ask if I wanted to stay home anyways since I had slept in. I think I woke up around 10. then I took 4 asprin, drank half a bottle of cough medicine, and took a bag full of cough drops outside. Then I got NAKED and sat in the hot tub for about an hour.

I think I was fucked up because when I went under water and shut my eyes I could hear all these weird noises and I saw light patterns in my eyelids. Then I just thought about alot of things. Mainly about taylor and his whole moving situation and how I would have felt different if we hadnt of broken up a week prior to finding out. Then I went back inside and ate oatmeal and watched pitch black.

ummm then my dad called and we talked for like an hour. he said he should be sending my johnny depp poster soon. he also said he might be moving here ^_^ he talked to my grandparents and they said go ahead {because my dads nice and cares about his mom and dad in their old age even though hes adopted}

My tummy hurts. I looked in the mirror today and my stomach looks good. maybe all those exercises in dance payed off.

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[16 Sep 2003|05:51pm]

blah blah blah Collapse )
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[14 Sep 2003|10:01pm]

oh the joy of picturesCollapse )
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[14 Sep 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i feel really weird. maybe its because im still tired as hell. the past two days i hardly got any sleep. so today when i got home around 4 i walked right upstairs and collapsed on my bed. i woke up to my mom screaming my name, i got up it looked kinda dusky, like the sun was either setting or rising, and i look at my clock and it said 6 30. now. this happens alot in the mornings when i dont wake up. so i thought i had slept all through the night, i rush downstairs and ask my mom what time it is and she said 6 30, and i asked if it was day or night and she said night, then she asked if i was ok. im guessing she thought i was on drugs or something. so everyone besides me was next door at a party or whatever so i got online because im a loser. then i go to message taylor and tell him about how retarded i am, and before i can even type it out, he tells me hes moving...

to make a long story short, hes probably going to hawaii around december and i am really upset about this, so upset that i cried, alot, like the uncontrolable shaking crying kinda thing. that hasnt happend since well, last time something like this happend. except taylors not dead.

hes picking me up from school tommorow. i think i'll like that

i hardly finished any of my speeches for debate. but fuck that. the due date may be tommorow but the comp is not for another week.

i am really thirsty

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[14 Sep 2003|06:57pm]
[ mood | crying ]

It's Times like these when I know God fucking hates me...

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[12 Sep 2003|10:39pm]
I LOVE CONVERTIBLES!^?@$?&?46!?!!?!!

and thats all i have to say, about that......
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[11 Sep 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood | fuck off ]

first off. i have $5. because, i won a bet.

the bet = i was in my math class last week and i looked at the clock and it said 1 45, being 15 minutes from 2 pm. i was happy about this and said "we only have 15 minutes left, woo!" then this girl sitting behind me looked, and said no, we have 20 minutes left, then we got into an arguement which was just me laughing asking her if she was serious, she was... so i bet her $5 i was right. i was.

today in class she handed me a 5 dollar bill... i was like wow, i didnt think youd actualy pay.

the moral of this story is, KNOW HOW TO TELL THE FUCKING TIME

i had alot of things to say and now i forgot them all....

but what i really mean is, im going to write everything else in a friends only entry.

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[11 Sep 2003|09:06pm]
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gotta love the audrey <3
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