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two shows i am definatly going to.

cursive at nitas hideaway
DAVID BOWIE at i dont know where but tickets go on sale next friday!
billy idol was 2 nights ago and i didnt even fucking know!! my debate teacher and his wife went!

now enough about that. onto my weird as crazy ass dream.

i was in a room with my ex tony, this guy from one of my classes josh, another guy and another girl that i didnt know. so i walk up to josh and grab his hand and take him into the hall way where people are walking past and i kiss him. and i go to kiss him again and he turns away. he sees that i am hurt by that and i go to kiss him again and he leaves me. then i walk back in the room, grab tony this time, and take him into another room. we start kissing and then i cant stop thinking about josh and i leave the room. then i go and start kissing the girl i dont even know! blah. then im at some gas station with my sister and she get lost or something and yea. it was just a weird ass dream.

i think i need to get some. i havent for a week. which shouldnt be that long for me but it is considering i saw taylor every day for like a long time... haha thats sad.

then i woke up with this song stuck in my head. probably because i listened to it over and over again till 12 am last night. i need to get the cd. like. asap. to bad im broke.

i saw someone on ftj that i know. and yea. dont feel like saying much more about that!

im supposed to go off roading today. i dont know if i will. maybe though. theres like 586329 billion hot guys there ;) gotta love hot guys. plus i can drive my moms jeep around and freak her out because she hates driving with me. she wont even goto the store or blockbuster with me if i drive. but kevin. he knows im a safe driver. and got damn, my grandma lets me drive her porsche for gods sake and she trusts me! but oh well.


then id have money. and then i could go buy this damn cd! and tickets to the concerts! and new shoes!

i dont know where though....maybe ulta. thatd be cool.
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